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Detailing people (JD inparticular)

  BMW E46 330i Touring
Don't give him an even bigger head...

Yeah that'll be fine. Not used that particular one but it's got all the right features and the reviews seem to back up te fact that it's very absorbent.
  Arctic 182 & PB 172
Yea I dry with microfibres at the moment but just not mega expensive ones and I want to upgrade. Thanks dudes.

What do you use for buffing off polish and wax JD? I do like the megs show car shine one or whatever it is but it isnt that thick in pile.
  Bumder With A Buffer
I use the big blue ones...I find them VERY good..I still like my plush I4detailing one though.

I got mine from Autobrite over on Detailing world but I think they are a generic MF and everyone seems to sell them...Much like Dodo Juice and there £95 DA which is exactly the same as the normal DAS-6's!