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dial leds!

  Mk1 16v

tried searchin but i cant find it!

im lookin 4 the post where someone changed their dials blue??

dink i think u also done this? do u have the name or part no of the leds used??

goin down maplin now 2 get some so need 2 know which 1s??
  Mk1 16v

sorry im bein a pain now!! lol

but did the needles change colour because u changed the leds or did they have their own led that u changed white??
  Mk1 16v

no i wanna keep them orange and have the speedo and the rest of it blue

sort of like a vw dash!!

so jus leave the needles as they are should be ok for that???
  Polo + Micra

hmmm well the same leds light up both the dial and te needles together.

so if you use blue leds and the orange of the needles you may get a sh*tty brown colour needles
  Mk1 16v

yeah true!!

i cant find the post where the guy done this!! im sure he had blue dials with orange/ red needles!! ill keep lookin

cheers bud! by the way im south wales aswell mate!!

hi just seen this, i take it u have to muck around unsolderin the old ones and re solderin the knew ones, sounds like a recipe for disaster, i wanna change mine aswell, all blue.