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hi all

i have a copy of this (ebay) but i carnt get it running ive install adobe reader 4, acrobat and java but it still doesnt work?

once installed (about 20mins!) i reboot double click on icon and all i get is a little blue info bar at top left of screen, i maximize it but all i get is a white screen???????????

any one got any ideas????


Regards Mark
  Lots of Alfas

I had this problem, I dont think it was designed to run in Windows really. I think I fixed it by changing some graphics settings 800*600 in 16bit works.
  dCi 100

Nah. I had that problem too. :)

When you install QuickTime, you have to select "quicktime for java" option enabled.


what is the vehicle type number for a mkII 172 (52 plate)? i need to know what details to put in so that i can bring up the right info

what info do i need to input into the new vehicle window to bring up the info for a (52) plate clio 172 ?


  Audi TT Stronic

Do a search for dialogys, there was a thread with all the info on how to work it.