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Good Story bout the cops here:mad:

i was cruising through Cardiff Town Centre the other night when PC 3163 of Canton Police Station decided he would pull me over for "Distubing the Peace":eek: Bearing in mind this is not a residential area but a town centre full of night clubs and drunk young girls (mmmMM) I didnt see what the problem was but after an hours debate on cruising and tunes i ended up with a £30 fixed penalty for "excessive Noise" which was annoying as he had no proof apart from his own ears that the noise was excessive!!! ( iguess 140DB + is a bit loud but hey its all part of the show"

His closing statement was for me and all my"BOOM BOOM Friends":p

"its not big or clever to play your music that loud so go spend your money on a walkman";)

so i cheekily said well that would be an offense to probaly driving round with your walkman on and then legged it back in my car and made a discreet exit

e.g mute till i hit the next street!

N E 1 else had a similair experience?:cool:

Good Man that rozzer !!!

Yes, there is nothing more annoying than a boom boom boy racer cruising around... I would have banned ya totally.

The problem is you ARE playing the music (and I use the term loosely) for the outside world, as there is no possible justification for the volume inside the car.. why should even the drunken tarts have to tolerate it ?

  Clio Gtt

i disagree about boom boom boyracer, its only annoying if they are playin there tunes with just the bass being so loud it distots.

you obviously were not playing your stereo at over 140 db becuse THAT WOULD JUST HURT,

what time was it.

what are you running DynamiqueDick

m8, its called ICE, supposedly.. IN CAR entertainment..

NOT.. OCA.. outside car annoyance.. its got nothing to do with base distortion at all..


I just play jazz really loudly man, while wearing my crushed velvet jacket and paisley slippers. Nice.

Now that gets me a few looks, but no fixed penalties...yet...

I really cant see why he gave you a fixed penalty. If I read you right, that wasnt a traffic offence - so its one of the new public disorder powers. Surely a PC should be handing those out for people who are being violent or dangerous. I think you could also prove that a club/pub was playing music that was loud - and casusing just as much of a problem to the good and orderly people of St Marys street as you.

Weird, eh?

Anyway, see you Saturday night.

Your getting old joe, im going to buy you a tracksuit and a baseball cap!!!

Does that mean I have to move to Liverpool Fred lol !!..:D

There is a major difference between playing loud music for yourself..

and playing music so loud that everyone in the street gets an earful.

the second type is more of a look at me statement.. that follows in with the boy racer image.

and, lets be fair here, we are talking of such ridiculous levels that the local constabulary actually fined the perpetrator..

and Ben H m8.. aint it easy driving in slippers lol, I mmust confess they are the best thing since nomex boots for feel and I have been guilty of completing a full night rally wearing my favourite pair... Mind you, I have also been known to wear ladies tights on some events just to keep warm....

oooooooo eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr missus...


and, sorry to the original poster dood, but it AINT big and it AINT clever lol, as my brother the police officer told you.. (oooops... wasnt gonna mention that lol)

Bring back hanging for such offences I say, its about as kewl as driving a max power saxo.

Thing is Joe, although I dont wear Paisley slippers, I have been known to play jazz really loudly while wearing my red crushed velvet jacket.

Im actually into my jazz, and will turn up the old Henry Mancini or Ella Fitzgerald to piss off the townies! I like my sounds, but good quality mid range stuff - so dBs arent my priority and I hardly ever turn up the stereo in urban areas. Each to their own and all that!;)

u shoulda disputed it, they cant do ya without a sound reading.

and my system pushes 140db but it only gets played at that volume at sound offs without me in the car. 140db in the car distorts your vision :)

Ben H < M8....

b****cks to the each to their own lol !!!!

providing they keep the crap inside, I have no probs, when they polute public places with BBBRM (BOOM BOOM BOY RACER MUSIC) than yes, I think its each to their own within an acceptable boudry.. lets call it common agreement thats enforced.. law.. sounds an appropriate word to call this phenomina

you play on a sharp edge, you get cut..

Pushing the boudrys in things that are old hype - ie - non world changing - like, turning up the volume so everyone and his dog can hear, and, knowing that, is just plain immature and attention seeking.........

but, it is related to MENTAL age.. ie, as the mental age progresses, the need to seek attention diminishes... not always (Chapter 6 !)

Hey doods, I just read a great FREUD novel in the sh*tter !!..


I meant each to their own as in some like to play loud music and some dont. I dont. I didnt mean that I think its OK to either.
  Lionel Richie

Does this include playing Steps really loud down Broad Street on a Saturday night with my windows down in front of a few thousand people???? (It was bloody funny, the looks we got!!! imature i know)

F.A.O Juss it was about 11 30 - 12 00 Im running a JVC head unit FOcal Kevlar components all round a genisis 5 channel amp and a Cerwin Vega 12 inch sub )Easily louder than most pairs of twelves)

Well of course I never had it on top whack and it dont distort at all cause its set up right. The vocals, and mid range easily balance out the bass
  Clio v6

I bought a motor that costs a fare bit more in petrol and I have to budget for it. I dont suppose I could resist putting my right foot down anymore than you can turning youra knob up.

You buy all that noise making stuff so you must also budget for the fines that go with it.

Im afraid I will have to sit on the fence over this one or else "calling the kettle black" might appear.

gonna have to stick up for peope with systems here. alright 12 oclock is a bit late but why cant you drive around during the day listening to whateva you want and how ever loud you want it. as long as your not parked up with it on, cant see the big deal, it must bother u for what 30seconds then its gone. thats like saying if i have a party i must make sure that the music is only heard inside my house. hmmm like that ever happens.
  Clio v6

Senario... Young disabled child being pushed along in wheelchair. An ordinary footpath (daytime).

Car drives past blasting very loud noise ( any musical content void at that level ) . Makes disabled child jump ( as many are very sensitive )

Child goes into a fit ( common ), ends up in hospital for a day.

The poor Mum was only going for a well deserved stroll as her life indoors minding this kid is hell and needs a wee break.

Sorry I seem to have jumped off the fence.

oh right fair point, but cant say its the most commonly occuring event.

but could say the same about a V6 going down the road.....
  Clio v6

True I ought to slow down or else I could possibly jump onto the footpath and mow them both down. With my V6 and no room for ICE ( for improved musical sound quality )

shyte the bsatards whitewashed the bloody fence, should have stayed put.

well no, i dint actually mean u would run them down, just trying to say that as u drive a V6 im sure there not the quitest cars on the road. i aint gonna start having arguements on here, all i was doing in the first place was point my point across.

lol this is ace!

glad to say Im still on the fence here folks, good effort Dash, but now youre on the floor, you have to contend with the cans of worms that have now opened!


and, the v6 is not the loudest,

the loudest are also mostly boy racers with a metal bucket poking outa the back of the car ;) and, a feeble attempt to make it sound like a v8 lol...

and yes, they should also be fined and preferably interned indefinitely...

i agree completely with you cap bout boy racers, as like most people on here i cant stand novas etc with big bore exhausts thinking there car sound good. but i hope your not trying to class boy racers and peps with loud systems in the same group. cos i would have to disagree with you on that.
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by davehocking on 24 October 2002

"you have to contend with the cans of worms that have now opened!"

Ah yes think I better stay down here, at least until the fence dries a bit.

Speaking of cans. Are those big amps to amplify a can of fizzy being opened and played back to imitate a turbo dump valve?

Joe.. If I gets back on dat fence will ya be my friend Hucklebury?;)

what about whooshing turbos Joe ?? ;)

dont they scare people ?

or innocent looking 172s that suddenly reveal they have a tad more than 172 poneys under the bonnet :D

Nev 16V i agree im not a boy racer i just like my music and i like listening to my sounds loud thats just my preference. Its not like I park outside peoples houses open the boot and have a rave !!

And ive never seen any one complain (apart from the cops) usual people nod and ive had many a person pull up and say nice system etc....

And i have been known to start the odd girl dancing around.

Well until i can afford the insurance on a 172 im just gonna keep playing it loud!

I think ive started a major debate here between generations :oops:
  Clio v6

When I was a lad horse power was exactly that. I doubt if I could have got a full orchestra in the back of my carriage.

lol at dash, now even i would jump if a horse and cart with a full blown orchestra playing classical music went past me.