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Do NOT, EVER change 172 sidelights

  320d M Sport

OMG. How hard is this!! Did it yesterday and I can safely say it was a complete B!TCH to do. Nearly cut my thumb off, hands look like fredy cruger gone (more) wrong.

All for the sake of fitting those phillips blue viosion side lights. I dont think they look any different? :confused: My missus reckons they do but i thikn shes only saying that to make me feel better..... owww me thumb!:(:sick:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Same here - took me a couple of hours. The Bluevision bulbs do look nice and blue, but only while theyre turned off!

altho mine arnt the blue vision ones i got the piaa led ones instead im gonna use the blue vision ones inside the car

was easy on the 1.2...clearly cause there is enough room in that engine bay to fit 3 elephants. i only needed some plyers to pull the passenger side one out
  Clio 1.6 16V

He He Paddy .....its a bu__ger aint it? Been there m8 and got the scars on the back o the hands to prove it!!!;) Annoying thing is it didnt look an different when you put the side lights on afterwards!!!!!! As mike says, they look bluer when they are not on.