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do twingo rims fit clio3

  clio 1.2 tce
do twingo rs 17" rims fit my clio3 1.2t from what i have seen just the offset changes 29 and the clio is 36 and what do i have to do to change the rims
  Italian 3.2 V6
no as iirc, the lower the offset the further out the wheels stick. so really they should stick out further although you have 7mm spacers on which is a good thing ;)
  Italian 3.2 V6
iirc - if i remember correctly ;)

no the the wheel wont have spacers its just a wider fitment. its hard to explain lol.

you wont/shouldnt have any issues, it just means the wheels stick out slightly (a further 7mm). but in most cases this looks better.