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Does anyone know the exact different between Mk.1 172 gearbo

  CTR EK9 turbo

Because, if its a closer ratio in the mk.2 they might (hopefully) be fitting that to my car on monday instead of the mk.1 gearbox.....? what are the ratio differences? or is the final drive slightly diff(!)erent.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, the mk2 172 has a closer ratio gearbox than a mk1 172.

This is one thing I noticed the other night when I was driving the Cup and the mk2, as Id previously only ever driven a mk1.

Now, dont know exactly whats different, whether its the individual gears or just the final drive ratio, but there is a difference.

Would be a good idea to do an rpm vs speed comparison for the mk1 and mk2 then youll get an idea of the differences...

I think its more than the final drive. Each gear in the Mk2 box is a lot shorter than the gears in the Mk1. 4th in the Mk2 should only reach 109Mph max.
5th in the Mk2 was good for 140Mph max. Now the Mk1 box can do 118Mph Max in 4th , 157Mph max in 5th lol. I worked all these from Capts figures and factory mk1 figures from my own stuff when I got the car.



found some more info during a part no. comparison..

engine changes..

exhaust valves.
Exhaust manifold
Inlet manifold upper (Renosport logo).
inlet manifold lower.

motorised throttle body.

Joe . thats where the extra torque comes from...

off topic slightly.. but.. induction kits et al...

reno go to the trouble of changing castings and tubing for inlet and exhaust.. mod the airbox etc.. all feed pipes.. and they get.. what ??.. another 2-3 foot / pounds torque..

so, along comes mr piper.. heres an airbox... more power... huh ???

reno are so much up their own arses that they cannot see the wood for the trees.. !.. a simple change of airbox or feed pipe will, of course, make ALL the difference..

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh..... why didnt they think of that LOLOLOLOL !!!