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Does soundproofing really work

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Well be fitting a new stereo into my mates mk1 mr2 this week and as part of the plan were going to try to soundproof as much as we can. Now I did this in my old clio and couldnt really notice any difference but I may have done it wrong...

For a door, where is the best place to apply the soundproofing material? Should it just go on the metal inner skin of the door? Also if we use a few layers of flashing tape rather than expensive soundproofing, will this give us a same effect?

Alternatively, is it all just a waste of time?!


yes it makes a massive difference, double layers, improves the sound ten fold

ideally both skins on the doors

not sure on flashing tape, always used sound deadening, when you can get it at cost, it makes no difference

no, its not a waste of time
  Punto/Clio GTT

definatly worthwhile. when new panels go on cars they are sound deadened, if you tap your fingers on a panel without sound deadening it sounds very tinny and thin, tap it with a piece of sound deadening and it sounds much more solid. stops alot of road noise and of course is great for keeping the noise in :)