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Just seen vauxhall are debatin and pretty much gonna say yes to their new performance corsa!

1.6 16v.....................turbo! GRRRRR 170-175bhp! 0-60 in high 6s!

17s leathers, big bumpers, arches and stuf!

What does we thinks peeps!?

Its no secret that strapping a powerful engine on a small car makes it go fast; that big wheels and extended arches will make it look aggressive.

But do you really think that they will create something with Group A rally pedigree, arguably the finest FWD chassis ever, and real exclusivity - in other words a Williams?

NO! I think not!

Besides, where have Vauxhall been in the hot hatch revolution over the past few years??

Exactly, Vauxhall havnt, maybe theyve been testing and tuning this one... Guys, you wont know what its like until youve driven one..


Ive seen the pictures and still think the 172/cup look a helluva lot better. Theyre supposed to be getting 180bhp so they might dip under 7 secs. Vauxhall have got some good handling guys in recently, reflected in their decent effort with their top of the range astra, im sure the corsa will be good, but thankfully, not that good.


  Shiny red R32

No worries guys!

I read a report in Auto Express about it and it said that this Corsa is dull and lifeless!


If the car is 170/180 bhp standard, imagine what power and torque you could get when upgrading the ecu, turbo, exhaust etc.

But i agree with others on here, i dont think the handling will be as good as the Cup/172. Must admit I did like the look of the triple 8 astra they had last year, but it was a dog car for the money.

Best go as boss is back from lunch.

the corsa is not 170 - 1800bhp it is 160bhp and in its sevens for its 0-60 not a shade on the 172,, it doesnt even look that good niether,, also coming out is the polo gti 180 with a six speed box and 1.8turbo lump should be intresting

I love them little lupo gtis!

Speaking of the 888 astra coupe, i also think they look tasty, a bloke at work has one, how fast are they? Is the coupe turbo faster?

Lads one of those corsas is gonna be a lot more tuneable than a clio 172.

The turbo can be tweaked / replaced engine chipped exhausts syetms are more responsive of most forced induction cars also.

Fair play to vauxhall for havin the balls to do something like that, although im still not that fussed on the drivin or handling of those corsas.