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don’t see any...

  FRS Mk3 Red edition

red 172s and driving round Redditch last night i see two of them.
one was definetly another motorpoint as his reg no was similiar to mine.
saw a blue172 the previous night with a lovely blonde haired lady at the wheel.
also a mk1 round the corner from me.
172s becoming common in Redditch.


if a flame 172 comes off the road near you.. it may be a red ditch(ed) in Redditch ??
If everyone had a flame one.. britain would be a red carnation too..


  FRS Mk3 Red edition

lol @ joe

if it was FD02 *** going round a big island with the arse out good chance it was my good self.
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

lol griff

its so easy driving the 172 fast in a normal position i thought i would try something different!!!!!
just a little thing griff, your grammer is wrong, it should be "how did you manage" past tense!!!!


  Shiny red R32

Well if it is correction time ST HORNE, then your spelling of grammer is WRONG! It is actually spelt GRAMMAR! Please write the corrected version 100 times and stand outside my office and wait for a spanking!
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

i spelt it that way first, but changed it because i thought it looked wrong.
could only fit it 50 times.i now await your instructions for the spanking you have promised me


  Shiny red R32

ST HORNE you are a naughty boy as you have not arranged the corrections in a neat order. I can see another spanking coming up!