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Donny South

  BMW 320d Sport

OK members - Donny South show is on at North Weald airfield near Harlow, Essex, on the 17th/18th August. Anyone whos been to Donny knows what a corker of a show it is, this is the first year of Donny South and it should be a cracker. Thanks to Kev M whos done all the groundwork for us, Cliosport is gonna be represented with a show stand at Donny South - our first show *ever*!

So we need a selection of mint Clios old and new, modded and standard, to put on the stand to show the world Clio power! We need to get the booking and the ticket fees next week.

Everyone whos interested in representing Cliosport, please go over to the meetings and events forum and post there, saying whether youre a definite with money ready, or a maybe. Obviously this will have to be first come first served cos we are working to a deadline. See you there!
  BMW 320d Sport

One other thing - an urgent message for anyone whos thinking of coming along - email me directly for some interesting news
  BMW 320d Sport

Keep em coming! So far Ive got 14 possibles through email and on the thread over on the events forum.

Plenty of 16vs are up for it already - we need more 172s especially modded, a V6 would be nice, and a few modded RTs would be welcome as well.

Im looking for 20 cars and you need to say what day you want or if you want to do the whole weekend. It costs the same whatever you decide but I need to finalise the details by next week!
  BMW 320d Sport

You can take as many passengers as you want but each passenger pass costs a fiver more than the driver ticket.

If youve got a passenger with their own transport who just wants to see the show, its better for them to pay on the door is theyre only coming for one day.

BTW We now have 10 confirmed drivers already and another 5 that are possibles. If anyone out there wants to come on the stand, please dont hang about! I need names and details of what day you want to come, or if possible, tell me youre coming for both days. Remember if you want one day only, Saturday you get the bonus of the Autoglym cleaning pack where you get 3 different bottles of Autoglym stuff worth £15, so it ends up costing you nothing really.

Dont people coming for both days get the Auto gleam?
Ill be there for both Nick, make sure my name is down!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yes Tony, weekenders get the Autoglym stuff. If youre there on Saturday the free stuff is all yours. Anyway, I thought you were going on the other stand? Email me about it mate, I can still fit you in. Just!
  BMW 320d Sport

OK Itll be great to have another 172 - but think hard over the next couple of days - if you want to go on the show stand I need to know for definite; yes or no, and whether its one day or both.
  BMW 320d Sport

FAO All members coming to Donny:

Check the events forum for urgent news!

Also anyone whos expressed an interest but has not confirmed with me whether theyre coming or not, let me know ASAP please: thats Neil V6, Joe, Adi, Mel, Jilly, Tim.

There are still spaces left so anyone else who wants to come, lmk now!