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Dropping and fitting a JC5 gearbox - 172 Cup

Is this a specialist job or can any reliable\competent garage\mechanic do the job just fine - unlike timing belts etc. Asked somone on my doorstep who comes in at a cash price to good to miss but if it's not a simple drop and re-fit rather pay the extra for a specialist.

May be droping my box for a look see and check (@ agency transmissions) as it's done over 100k now and I've a 2 month window before the Mallory race at the end of Aug -nowt wrong or showing any signs of going wrong...


ClioSport Club Member
It's fairly straight forward, nothing special required.

It can either come out the top with the engine or on its own out the bottom if you drop the subframe. People say it is easier to pull the engine out - I've only done it that way so couldn't comment on the out the bottom option ;)

It is pretty tight in there though so plenty of scope for damaging things (e.g. loom) on the way out if you're not careful.
  172 cup, Impreza P1
Engine out means dropping coolant and psf every time. I've only done it with the engine out but think I might try the subframe option next time.