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Dynamique + 197 interior

  E30 318iS x2
When a 197 interior poped up on eBay with a local seller I was on the phone and over there with VeinAST to have a look.

After a bit of this and that we agreed on a price and I picked them up the next day. All in all I got the front seats, rear seats, front and rear door cards and also some seat belts.

They are such an improvement in the way they hug you when you sit in them and how they support you. I love when the light catches the silver bits in the material and they glisen blue :cool:

Any way here's some pics:






The 197 door cards have the courtesy light in the bottums and mine don't. When I get around to it I'll fit the 197 cards and then wire in the courtesy lights.

So there they are, Mk3 non RS with RS interior first?

P.s. I will hoover it :eek:


ClioSport Moderator
Such a big improvement, fitting sport seats to my ph1 was probably my favourite mod. You don't realise how little support standard ones offer around corners etc until you've got the sport ones.


  A thirsty 172
It's only like someone putting the 1*2 interior into a 1.2 - it's whatever floats your boat at the end of the day.
I can't see the photos to comment on them myself however, since Photobucket are being tight with bandwidth.
  Megane 225 F1
They are alot more comfy than the standard ones. Look nice mate. I wanna see the blue glisten
  2008 Clio 1.2 TCE
aha! tis ok i got it sorted:)

looks mint mate. priced this off renault and laughed at the price they said:(

do they recline and are they comfy?
  2008 Clio 1.2 TCE
I wet myself when I rang them for a quote all I did was laugh down the phone at the lad made my day tbh, £3k each they quoted me LOL

Yep, just like normal seats but with higher leg and body support.

Sounds sad but like sitting in a new car feels great.

quote me £3k too :eek:
  Mini Cooper S
Doesn't look like much of a change but the stock seats are s** support whatsoever!!!

Nice retrim would do em good :p


  PD130 Peach
hi there mate! did you have to solder or splice the new connections in for the airbags? :) thanks!


  PD130 Peach
got 197 front seats in my DCI now :D my god they are comfey, what a chew... had to drill the rivvets for the radio amp and tuner underneeth the drivers seat, (due to the cd changer in the dash in the upgraded sound system) as some frenchman decided it would be best riveted to the seat.. not bolted,, but after than its all good :)
  E30 318iS x2
Still going strong! Thought more would have sprung up by now.

As you've now discovered Ged, they bolt and plug in no need for changing plugs etc. Best thing I ever did to it was fit those seats.