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Ecotek on 1.4S (8v)

Sorry for posting an Ecotek message :devilish: - I see theres been a lot of "debate" in the past. Ive read all the various opinions on this thing and what Im really looking for is the opinion and experience of people who actually have them on their Clio, esp if its the same engine as mine (1.4 8V Clio S y2k). Is there anyone who fitted one, and has kept it on because they were happy with it?

Also, Ive read that theres a problem fitting them to the 1.4 engine in the Clio RT because the brake vacuum servo is offset to one side - can anyone tell me if the engine in the phase II 1.4S has the same problem?


fitted one to a 1.2 16v engine; cant say i noticed any difference myself...dont know bout fuel exonomy because it wasnt my car but all the other claimed benefits i dednt notice!

...forgot to say that my tests were prob more accurate than the owners IMHO because he was looking and hoping for improvement, whereas i couldnt give a toss coz it wasnt my 60-odd quid id just spent!