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ECU has gone loopy!!!

  Lionel Richie

Every time i put my foot down, and the revs rise above 4000rpm the car lurches and dies (the ECU light comes on). It doesnt cut out, and wont rev above 4000rpm (takes ages to get there) Ive disconnected the battery to reset the ECU, but it still does it. Anyone got any ideas??? Its booked in at RENO fr the 11th (they said theyd need the car for 2 days!!!!)
  Lionel Richie

Well, you know what Renault are like!!!!! last time it went in they wanted it at 8.30 in the morning (this was for the thermo sensor BTW) so i dropped it in at 8.45, i drove past in a mates car at 4.30 and it was still iin the same parking spot ( i parked it crap at a ffuunny angle!!) finally got the car back at 6.00pm!!!!!