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Engine Cover Advice...

Ive removed the silver/grey plastic cover over the engine as it was vibrating and touching the stuff underneath it (making a harsh noise when revved). Ive had three of these bl**dy covers already due to the oil filler flap disappearing down the back of the engine and melting on the manifold, and I dont fancy getting another for the same thing to happen again.... So the question is: Is it okay to leave it off? The bit the spark plugs plug into (the ditributor???) is now exposed and Im worried it might need covering in case water gets in... Anyone know if the cups are exposed too, or if theres a renault approved plastic bag and sticky tape method of covering them!!!

Cheers guys/gals...

nothing to do with this but was it you i was speaking to the other day about the knocking noise ( a different noise i guess) under acceleration ???
  320d M Sport

No idea really mate? Better askin Captn as I know hes took his off.... think hes trying to make his own Cup.....!!!

  BMW 320d Sport

The cup doesnt run with a cover, its just a pointless bit of plastic. Theres nowhere that water can get in above the rocker cover and manifolds anyway.

Cheers Nick, I did think that water would be doing well to get there really, but I was worried about knackering something. I just cant find a good picture of the cups engine bay to make sure its got no extra water shielding...

VR6Man - yup, it was me you were speaking to about the knocking noise - not had a chance yet to look at that mounting as it looks like itll take me more than a few minutes to get the battery out of there to gain access... :( Cheers for the heads-up anyway! :D
  Silver Fabia vRS

I ran mine without the rocker cover for a while and it made no difference. I did it for the track day in an attempt to possibly make the engine cool down quicker.