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engine dynamics turbo kit

has any one seen the kit that engine dynamics in essex are putting together

you get turbo, manifold, downpipe and oil lines for £899

they are are takin deposits and waiting till they get 15 before sending
out the kits

seems like a good way to turbo a clio as i guess on top of that you need
an intercooler, plumbing and injectors then a remap/ecu
  ITB'd MK1
they've been advertising this for over a year IIRC. 15 is a lot for something like this. Dont think i know of 15 turbo'd clios in total
  Stripped yozza'd cup
So what happens if 14 people pay a deposit and they don't find a 15th person? They're just going to keep your deposit.... Who in their right mind would do this?