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engine oil overfilled!

  Jap Shed
just checked the level of my oil on the 172 for the 1st time since i bought the car,
and the level seems to be an inch higher than the high mark.....
is that normal??
  BMW M135i
Nope, its got too much oil in. Quite a bit too much in if its an inch over the max mark, want to drain some out asap.
  No more clio's for me!
Oh bugger, more oil can do more damage than having hardly any in, as it just gets all stoggy when pressurised, drain it ASAP.
  '07 Impreza, 182 sold now
If it's over MAX will get forced into cylinders, lovely blue smoke - not good.... you did check when cold on level surface, yeah?
  Jap Shed
cant do anything for 4 weeks i am going to sierra leone tommorow! missus doesnt have a clue about car maintianance, and i am sure the garages round here put the wrong oil in!