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  2012 WRX Waggon

Just picked my 172 up yesterday from Manchester, it iceberg silver, and looks bleedin stunnin

It also came with an option the dealer new nothing about - ESP, not had a chance to try the ESP out yet, but if its anything like the system on the wifes Audi, it should be a scream!

I must admit I found the dealers rather ill informed, they didnt know about the ESP nor the fact they come only with a single cd now!

Does the Clio have an owners handbook, because I have nothing I could class as one - When I asked the dealer about runnung it in he said "you dont really need to, just keep away from the redline for abit" I have read in another forum 3500rpm for 600 miles - I think I will play it safe!




if only all cars cam ewith Extra Sensory Perception then there will be no more accidents lol hahahha :D ......sorry just seemed a good laugh to put in.

Yeah 172s, and a lot of modern engines dont need running in. A lot of people recommend going for it from day 1!

Sometimes salesmen/women send people from different departments to deal with you if theyre busy. Your owners manual should be in a small grey folder, unless its different for the sport models?
  2012 WRX Waggon

lol - if it is extra sensory perception, ill let you know! It problably wont let me in when i feel like givin it a hammerin

I got the grey folder - but there is bugger all inside that says what does what - I know most of its common sense, i just wanted something to read in bed/bath/work on nights.

The guys I dealt with were all part of the salesforce - I think my 172 is a 2003 model as it has clear side repeaters, I think they just had old specs, ill let him know when i get my courtesy call tomorrow.

ESP = Electronic stability program (in case anyone didnt know!)

Was fitted as standard to 172s after about September, in conjunction with traction control (ASR I think). The dealer I went to before I decided to import was quite good - they knew about the ESP and they also were honest with me and said that the CD multichanger had been removed from the std equip list and thats why they knocked £500 off the OTR price! I was lucky that because I bought an import and there is a delay between the import date and my purchase date, that mine was still one of the ones with ESP and CD multichanger (not a great amount of them because they took the CD out in October apparently)

Quote from my manual seeing as you dont seem to have one! - Id guess its the same thing as your Wifes A4

"A sensor in the steering wheel detects the path selected by the driver. Other sensors in the vehicle measure the actual path. The system compares the path selected by the driver and the actual path and corrects this as necessary by applying the brakes selectively and/or acting on the engine power"
  2012 WRX Waggon

cheers mike

i have not got that book! what does it say about running in?

I am glad I havent got the multichanger, cos the additional weight adds 0.001secs to the 0-60 times - so watch out for me at the lights lol.

for info - mine worked out at 13,600 otr - hey someone has to use the UK dealer network. otherwise where u import guys gonna get them serviced lol.

For running in, it says:

"For the first 625 miles do not exceed 80mph in the highest gear or 3000 to 3500rpm. After 625 miles you may drive your car normally but it is only after 1500 miles that you may reasonably expect full performance"

£13600 OTR isnt bad at all from a UK dealer. Mine wanted £14495 OTR, which compared to the £12200 OTR import price wasnt comparable!

Id have happily paid £13600 if there was any benefit to buying from a UK dealer, which IMO there isnt apart from the Cat 1 alarm but you can buy one of them for about £250 fitted. Now that you can get the full warranty on an import, there is a lot to be said for doing it!
  2012 WRX Waggon

thanks for that mike!

regarding the benefits of buying from a UK dealer - I got a really nice key fob.......and errr........bugger!

I did look at Motorpoint in Burnley who were doing them at 11,999, problem was the waiting list, seems everyone wanted one!!

You also get the Renault Experience!

RE running it in, dont be overly poncy and worry about it..........its just not neccesary.
  2012 WRX Waggon

Ta Ben,

Its too bleedin hard trying to run it in, every time I go out, I get some one sniffin me rear bumper!! lol

Think I might start stretching its legs a little, might try to light up the gear change light.

when i got mine.......i really ragged it out the showroom....well, our service centre since i work for them.

AND its the only one weve sold that never has a prob....ironic that its is the company car eh!

Ive seen 172s at car supermarkets, for £11495 new. Luckily i know pat conway, md of the whitehouse group so ill be looking forward to getting a hefty discount when i get to upgrade to the 172.

Any idea on when the clio is due for replacement by the way?