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Essex Meet (Harlow)

rs 1an

South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
I will pop down if anyone is going
not having any active area reps is a shame imo, Essex needs one north and south and admin need, not includind Dave hes new, need to get involved with local meets or this clubs membership will fall. Look at css this year, Mark who is a mod and a very active club member spoke to Brian for a bit and Dave ok but not another member of admin to my knowledge spoke to him, why? Cliosport needs to wake up quick and i dont think its fair on Dave, who has a young family, to try to sort this on his own, it seems old admin want this club to fizzle out for some reason. Cliosport is a club for people who want to meet and talk about their cars and thats all it wii ever be, people driving miles to carshows is a non starter imo and is a waste of time and fuel.


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
Hello Ian,

Don't panic, myself and the rest of the Admin team definitely don't want the club to fizzle out, far from it. Atm, there are a lot of Facebook groups poping up that does draw peoples attention away from CS, which is a shame.

The area reps are about to get a complete overhaul, which will come with the new forum (so very very soon)

Feel free to drop me a pm, if there's anything else you would like to discuss

rs 1an