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Exhausts, which one

  Abarth Grande Punto

okay im after an exhaust for my 97 r 1.2 clio, at the mo i have a standard kwick fit job with a fat 3.5" bolt on. I want to replace this so that it sounds a bit meaty/ louder. To be honest i havent got a clue what make model to get, and even if i choose say Dtms would it look right.

So really I want some advise and maybe some pictures cos im not sure wot would look nice hanging under the bumper.

Please help!!

stu :confused:

its a 1.2 at teh endo fhte day, get what you like the looks/sounds of......and teh right price...thats all that matters when power doesnt count.
  ff 182

Hi mate ive got a 1.4rt and ive got a full system longlife exhaust they sound mint plus you can have it as loud as you want if you want any info.Then just ask.

Cheers Pete
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

get a powerflow backbox made up, they can do the style you want the sound you want and lifetime garentee
  Mini Cooper S JCW

smoothed clio......................... can u give me a link or something to that longlife exhaust place??

i think i wanna get a custom twin 4" sys if possible.