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Factory Fit 172 MkII Alarm

Got the same as you mate, I phoned up Renault in plymouth and they want £150 for the alarm and £193 to fit it, they must be having a laugh its already got the imobilizer!!!!

Yes, dealers can put the Cobra alarms in (they did in my dci) but Renault Sport UK spec cars are fitted with alarms at the docks.
Perosnaly Id get a better alarm though fitted by a reputable company it will be a lot less and be better quality.

Quote: Originally posted by 16vClio on 11 April 2005
Thats one way to get the post count up edde ;)

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I got a Cobra alarm fitted on my 172 import by reputable firm - it cost £200 all in. They do a 2 to 1 upgrade, which is cheaper than a full alarm/immobiliser system like the Toad Ai606.

can i get the cobra to work off the renault key fob then? i was quoted over £300 at my local ICE dealer to get a Sigma alarm that worked off the key fob!

I have just had the standard CAT 1 system put on my import 172, it was expensive £400 but worth it i think. It works from the button on the key and the garage did a nice installation. The only think they had to do was put the alarm LED on the trim around the gear stick but you would get that with any CAT 1 system. I can tell you that the alarm is the real thing with ear busting volume when it goes off!!
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you can get a renault dealer to fit the renault alarm (cobra) my dealer charges £300 fitted, with the LED in the correct place. SO it wont stand out as an import.

You could if you wanted get your car marked up by ISR with the door stickers to further get it up to "UK spec". If you wanted to.

Also, Liam..... Who is your dealer (not that kind:eek:) as i dont mind taking a drive and 300 is better than i have been quoted
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Quote: Originally posted by W3JLT on 13 April 2005

Liam, i put the ISR window etchings on the other day! i think you guessed what i was trying to do!

did you get a stencil kit with 2X stickers through the post then? how much was it if you dont mind me asking?

Worth knowing it can be done, if anyone gets their window replaced.

The alarm led is just to the left of the gear knob. I havnt measured it, but suppose i could if you wanted it to be in close to the exact spot the installers use.


The stencil kit was about £30 and comes with enough to do all the windows. the price includes registration with the ISR too

Can anyone give me a model number of the (Cobra?) alarm in the 172 MkII and confirm if the LED placement is the same as the 182? Also, where is the siren put (exactly)? Is this alarm available anywhere other than Renault themselves?
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Quote: Originally posted by yee_har on 14 April 2005 182 has sensors the size/shape of your average little finger nail

UK dealer supplied car? any pics?