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FAO anyone insured with Tesco/Direct line..

Insurance is due for renewal next week. Ive done all the hunting around. Im currently with Norwich Union Direct(Ive been with them for 3 years now and so far Ive not needed to use their services), but it seems that Tesco/Direct line will are the cheapest quotes Ill get (around £100 cheaper).

Id just like to know if the peeps insured with Tesco/Direct line are happy with the service? and what they get in their cover - courtesy car, drive other cars, personal accident cover, etc. Do they think its value for money?

I dont mind paying a little more for good cover, but I dont want to pay over the odds.

Thanks everyone.


P.S. Sorry if this is a boring thread.
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You get to drive other cars (TPF&T), but best of all with Tesco you get business use thrown in, no hassle at all. Dont even have to ask. Thats priceless when you do a lot of miles for work. Cant answer for the courtesy car etc as Ive never had a claim LOL.
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You have to be over 25 for the 3rd P&T driving other cars. I am 22 and I cant, also my excess in about £500 but they were the cheapest after my mods and this is the 3rd year of being insured with them.
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I use Tesco for both the Williams and the Shogun. And you have to be over 25 to drive other cars TP only.

I have not had to claim from them, but they were a little slow on the uptake when insuring the Shogun, as they cocked the payment up the first time round. But its sorted now.


Im not trying to be a showing off t**t (couldnt find a w***** smiley...) , but I insure a Lotus Carlton, Nissan Skyline, Golf GTi, and a modified Mini through Tescos and they have been excellent. Cheap, fast, no hassle, no problems.....havent made a claim yet though. Thoroughly recommend them. Performance, imports, modified, stealable....just doesnt seem to matter.
Hope this helps
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To change the alloys to Superleggera, they wanted an extra £127 and an extra £50 added to the insurance excess.
Dont know if this is reasonable compared to other insurers.

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Not too bad and quite cheap though the excess is high and I dont get a courtesy car! If you want the best then go for Royal and Sun Alliance you have to be a certain age though.

Geoff - How much extra did you pay for your alloys?

as far as i know, u dont get a courtesy car with direct line.. unless u r claiming off another party in which case you can get one and claim from them..which i guess is the same for most insurance companies.

i have something like a £600 excess on my insurance with them..

ive had claims in the past and they have been sorted straight away but then again, all of my accidents have only involved me and no other vehicles !!

they wouldnt budge however on which garage my car had to go to even though a local body shop could have done the work a lot more quickly....