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FAO - CAPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mate, urgently need your help.

On the mk2 172 (like yours right?) there is something which we cannot identify. Just under the left headlight (inside the engine bay) there are the 2 air feed pipes that go to the airbox. On one of them, there is a solenoid, well thats what we here call it as conversation is dfficult witht he language barrier. ANyway it looks like a little throttle with a butterfly on the end of the pipe. obviously there to regulate airflow. this got damdaged in a crash, and we can see it on the renault parts computer, but it doesnt tell us what the hell it is or does. I would have though it was something to do with cold starting etc? otherwise there would be no need to block off any form of airflow to the airbox, unles its hot air?

Any ideas?

Hi Ben m8.

yes, it will almost certainly be the cold start air diverter device - in very low temps or freezing conditions, air will be diverted by closing this flap. (theoretically ducting warmer air to the induction system)

a lot of carb cars had a thermostatically controlled valve in the induction that diverted exhaust manifold heated air to the induction for cold start / warm up.


oh, off topic. I saw a porsche boxter engine in the shop today......only gone and punched the sparker!!! looks like a pancake!!

we have to send all out engines back to porsche germany so thay can investigate....we just replace the whole unit.....THATS A REAL SERVICE & GAURANTEE!!

Hi Ben,

re the rr tests u did..

did u manage to test with the vvt enable switch off ?

also - any news on a manual..(ps - will it be in english lol !)


well, the diagrams are proving quite hard.the ones we have here are all diagrams, but then again, i was only flicking through though. They are in english.

I cant remember if it was just wirering diagram or the manual, do you want the manual that tell you how to do absolutely EVERYTHING!?

I didnt ge to test with the vvt off yet as it was raining and didnt see the point. and since im getting it free, i dont want to take advantage, but i will once the viper is on.

Strange the viper kit. Built for the MK1 link pipe. Tried it on the mk2, but link pipe was too small diameter wise. today i took apart the induction system on a mk1 and 2 to compare....the MK2 is larger!!!! (link pipe that is!!)
highly confused i am.

Hi Ben.. dont think it will make much difference ..

the changes to the mk2 172 (i beleive) were more in the area of the induction port runner length / diameter to improve torque.

ps, the other day you mentioned the superb, incredible and beautiful 4age toyo engine....

I love that lump.. had my mk1 Mister 2 on twin 45s - awesome.. with the supercharger crank it will rev to 10000 rpm !!.. makes a ctr lump look amateur LOL..

there is a version of the f4r reno unit being developed with a turbo (by Reno!)to produce 170 bhp flywheel / and loadsa torque.. the crank from this should be a nice swap if its EN40b steel or similar .

I have it on good authority too that the 172 box is good for 260 BHP all day long... that should be nice !.. (Just add a comp clutch plate and cover.)

hmmmmmmmm. an rs that revs to 10k !! .. my kinda music..

ps.. the original Mini cooper s engine came in 970 cc, 1071cc and 1275 cc.. the 970 s would do 10k on the standard crank ! (Again, an EN40B steel unit as fitted to all s variants) (You needed to steel strap the crank bearing holders (Basically grind a flat on them and use a piece of high tensile steel bar across the bearing cap (using longer bolts)... those were the days LOL..

if u are back in the uk sometime, let me know, would be great to have a beer and talk shop.


tell me about teh 4age!!!! an icon of an engine and i think we in the uk missed out on it!! but with twin dcoes!!! that must of snorted!!! and right behind your ear too!!

my dad used to run the toyota race team out here and started TOMs with a jap mate of his (tachi). They used to race the old AE86!!! and for the simple suspension setup it was running, it was just unbeatable. And the old 70s celicas!!!!! man, those were real cars!!

the MK1 fiesta suspersport (1300) is basically yhe same engine as my 1.6 xr2, but with a short crank....and the race versions could get 12grand!!!!! thats allot of air movin!

MY XR2 will rev to 7500 happily when no load on it, but it just can process enough air to get there when its pushin the car too.....oh well, i should sort that soon.

MY dad actually designed the MR2 (MR= Mike Rushworth 2=2nd try).

nah, just jokin, but its fun to tell as he set up toyota over here in HK 35yrs ago.

The 172 box is good for 180 i heard, but close enough.....was lookin at the box in the shop ( i hate the smell of hypoid fluid, makes the back of my throat stuffy) and it really is a neat little box, not big at all! and all the little precision bits, its so cute.haha.

for the manual, i will get my dad to give me the number of renault france so i can see if theyll send us one....then ill nick it...
the turbo should be good for 220....and with the looks of the new megane, it should rock!