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FAO Captain Slarty+ guys

Thanks again for the meet. Excellent fun.
Sorry didnt put more replies up. After the journey NEEDED a beer and more.
Good to see such a bunch of like minded people. Think I need to loosten my engine up some moer and what a difference a fluffed change makes!!!!Need some practice. And deff. no traction control switched on!!!

GRAGGY if your are listening, most impressed being one of your passengers to 100. Would not have thought it poss.
  mk2 172

hi mark, cheers!, was a good laugh wasnt it. that video of the 3up 0-100 is pretty good, if you watch the time and match it to the gearchanges its pretty evident of the times i was makin, which is handy. and all on the same piece of road as the 172s. not bad eh.


Yes, good to meet you, Blaze. I still think that youre totally nuts to come all the way from London though!!!

  320d M Sport

Alright Mark?
Yeah top day, like yo say its good to speak Clios all day to people who appreciate them. Credit to you for coming all the way from London.
Top Bloke.