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FAO: EVERYONE going to the Midlands RR!


Mat needs you to send him the following details, if you intend on going to the RR day this coming Saturday (15th Feb!)...

Name (realname and forum name!)
Car and Engine Size (e.g. 172 | Clio16v)
Registration Number
Any engine modifications you have!
E-Mail him on:">

Could ya just post here aswell to say youve done it - then I know who has, and who hasnt..

Thanks! See you all Saturday!


Have e-mailed Mat.

I get my wheels back on either Thursday or Friday. If its Thursday, then I can go home and fit my de-cat and maybe my original airbox too. If its Friday then Ill be running it as the car is now.

She hasnt hit the road in anger since late November, so itll be interesting to see if shes running OK after the old spark plug-versus-head incident! Any recommendations for getting it running at its peak again after standing for all that length of time? Should I just take it for a good old fashioned rag or will that damage the valve seals/bearings etc??


need to empty your PMs mate, i cant get through! Anway, u still on for picking me up on sat? Do you want me to meet you somewhere??


Nope, Im going to impress you with my navigation skills and pull up outside your house.. :)

Got rid of some PMs too!


Cheers Daz,

Your a smileys/smiley10">.

If you can keep them coming please folks, it will speed up the process on the day.

See you all Sat.


Not any real order, just depends who gets there first.

Ive got to give them a list of names with details of the cars, one thing i forgot to ask for is what do you want your car revving to? If anyone doesnt have a rev limiter could they please let me know.


  Audi S3

i have a limiter somwhere but its been moved recently and havent found it agian! so prob wouldent want it to go much past the 7k mark.

  Laguna 2, Westfield

One thing i noticed about the rolling road day last sunday, the RR operator was hitting the limiter in what i saw was all the cars.

Now to get a power run, surely you only have to rev to where the max power is. Which isnt on the limiter.

I think there was a couple of chipped ones, that just kept revving, and the operator just stopped revving it ( no limiter ) , but the engines didnt sound very happy :confused: - bits of piston about to come through the bonnet me thinks:devilish: lol

im hoping the curse of the middland rolling raod hasnt got me. i just been out and hit somethin in the road with my wheel. its took a small slither out the tyre, hopefully it wont go down! i have faith in my car!! - it did 500+ miles this weekend, it will survive!

Hi all. Just registerd to the site so break me in gently.

Just wondered what time you are all going RR day?

I dont live to far from it so i will pop over to see whats going on.

For info the snax van round the corner does superb hunger/belly busters for between £2-3.