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FAO People with buckets seats in 172/182

  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

About to change the seats in my 182 and im looking for tips, but specifically with reference to airbag light far all i have been able to find out is that a 4.2ohm resister has to be used to fool the cars airbag computer. Thing is im not sure where or how to wire this in??

Any help greatly aprpeciated!

Just find the wiring and solder the resister into the wiring where you have disconnected the airbag from.

the resistor simply connects the two wires together IIRC, speak to Loony about it, he knows all about it, and may well be bringing out kits to do it, but im not sure
  Embarrassed to say

What about the rest of the fitting - seat to subframes - is that simple to do? Gary G when you have finished doing it can you put some kind of instructions on here for others to follow. cheers

Well on my mk1 seats ive got cobra seats, the old seats unbolt off the runners, and the new seats bolt on in their place, i can take my seats out in about 2 minutes a seat now, lol
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

I think on the 172/182 you just unbolt from underneath the car then lift everything out. Then bolt the new subfame to the aftermarket seat and use the bolts removed previously to re fit. Think thats about right lol...will prob be a lot more hassle when i actually come to do it!

Have to dis-charge the airbag system by disconnecting the battery before removing plugs etc.

Anyone know where to mount the rear point of the rear seats are removed but not sure which hole to use as yet.

dude i would be carefull messing around with that air bag stuff. my bro has to set them of to be sent back to VW for test and boy do they go off. would knock you across ur drive way if it went off lol

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  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Yeah i know mate...cheers for the concern!

No one on here replaced the seats in a 172/182? (not the 172 cup obviously as they have no airbags)

...bit worried im gonna activate the airbags or something and would really appreciate some helpful advice :)
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Thanks Arianne...will give him a PM. worried about re-connecting the battery once the resistor is fitted!

Quote: Originally posted by Arianne on 17 February 2005
Try Loony - he was/has replaced the seats in the 182 and was looking into the airbag problem.

he hasnt changed them yet because he had to get the subframes that I have had made to get the buckets into the car as the seating positions was somewhere around 3ft and rising.


ok just spoke to me bro and he said to be carefull as you only need a very small voltage to set the air bag off. he says that he has set them of with less than 1 volt before. and on the VWs you can turn of the airbag warning light with the laptop thinghy they plaug in. hopefully you can with the clios or he said just get a multi meter and measure across the 2 cables going into the air bag you are removing and then get the correct size resistor for the link.

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  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Can someone confirm the resistor rating....think edde recommended a 4.2ohm where as Fred2001Dynamic used a 3.4ohm???
  Lionel Richie

theres a "ohm range" you can use IIRC its from 2.5 to 5

Ill write you out full instructions tomorrow, knackered after work
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Ross, its a piece of cake mate. Didnt bother with the whole resister malarky in the end lol.....renault cleared the lights for me!!

I really need to get round to doing this. Broke my slipring when doing the steering wheel :oops:so i need to replace that 1st though.
  C63 AMG, F430 & 172

fred dont forget thoose instructions m8y! lol my drivers seat has a white pug and the pasener has a small black pre tenstior plug lol

The only way I know Renault could fix it is to clear the faults and stick a resister in the wiring.

There no option on there computers as far as I know to switch the side airbags light off. They can lock the airbag system but youd definatly know if they did that.
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Quote: Originally posted by ben_p on 07 July 2005
fred dont forget thoose instructions m8y! lol my drivers seat has a white pug and the pasener has a small black pre tenstior plug lol

check the date of this thread mate lol.

...I dont think they have fitted resistors to the plug edde but ill have a look.... and confirm how they did mine tomorrow :)

they only need a small voltage and even if you disconnect the battery they will can still go off, its best to leave the battery disconnected for a few hours (if not overnight) and then attempt it
  182>FRS>VX220 now 350Z

Sorry guys, the technician that worked on my car last time wasnt there and no one else had a clue lol. Theres definately no resistor or mods to the plugs
  Lionel Richie

the Trophys MUST have a dongle, anyone with a Trophy fancy having a look???

stick you head under the seat