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FAO People with Photoshop

Right anybody with PHOTOSHOP i need your help to know what my car would look like so if you dont mind plz would u do a few changes to my car. Fisrt off tint the windows, lower it more, put a 4inch slash exhaust both sides, lexus lights and do this again but make the wheels bigger i.e 18s. if any1 could have ago i would really appreciate it cheers paul.;) or and just post them back on here.

heres some pics of ma car hope they will do

Quote: Originally posted by matt4478 on 12 January 2003

Hahaha! Thats funny as f*ck! Nice one mate! :sick:

Can you do one for me - Mk1 172 with 13 inch 3-spokes and viper stripes?
have you got a pic i only work with the best quality photos! i dont want my work to come out crap!


  Shiny red R32


How did you get that Pug displayed? Are you really "FunkyasFunky"?

If so, did yoiu get what I sent you this morning????

And Dash, I love the blue-vision lights!!



ur missing some extra splitters etc.....

Slyvia, im not Funky ;) i just pasted the pics from his webspace :D

will look at my email now from work.


  Shiny red R32

Ok James! I thought he might be you because the pics came from you.

The front of that 106 GTi looks as though it needs a few mods!

Whose turn is it next for that part of the job??

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I made the wheels slightly bigger by an inch or two. Then I just extended the side skirting to make the car look lower, I should have extended the front and back really for the full effect and more blending would have been nice as you can just about see the cut line, but couldnt be assed as I was pushed for time. Gives you an idea though, probably look a sweet motor after those mods. :cool: