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FAO: Phase 1 172 owners, cool trick for cool noise!

  CTR EK9 turbo

If you want your 172 to sound like its got an induction kit and cant afford one, try removing the cold air (front of car) feed pipe from the air box. The air is still being filtered, so no harm to the engine etc. But it makes a lovely induction roar that sounds like youve got an induction kit! cool, huh?! or am i just sad? Im thinking of moving the air feed from the wheel arch to the front also for dual ram-air effect! +200bhp dontcha know!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, just disconnect the top pipe (easier to get to than the bottom pipe) from the airbox (very easy, twist it each way and pull at the same time, itl shift and is dead easy to twist back on!) You dont need to buy a K+N or a PiperXViper when you can do this! ideally, if you want cold air inside, there is still the wheel arch feed, feeding it, but when youre listening to the induction roar, you arent going fast enough for the cold air to be blown into the airbox anyway. Sounds really good at about 4000 rpm, but best when youre in a high gear 3rd for example doing a slow speed and accelerating under load. mmmmm. Sound example: "ddddddddd" - a bit like a scooby!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

A bit like sticking a lolly stick in the spokes of your bike as a kid!

You wanna hear a 172 on full song that has got an induction kit... NICE!!!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Does it work on the mk.2s? or is their air feed only linked to the wheel arch? Rich-D: or if you were really cool, you collected those "spokey dokeys" from Kellogs packs! or was it just me? Im going to disconnect the other feed and see what it sounds like with them both off! i better be careful not to blow up my clutch with the power gains!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Im just going out to buy a lottery ticket and will try the airbox dual-de-pipe conversion on the way there. Ill post the performance gains on here when i return.
  evo x rs

beat you to it just had a spin and your CORRECT, with the window down it now roars! (and the window up!)

Made the wife drive passed our house and tickle it a little. Sounds mint from the outside.

Top trick my son!!! With no cost incurred

nice, ive been doin this for about 2 weeks as it helps gives the test drive that tiny bit a screaming motor!!!

again.. LMAO !

and YES .. I do mean its a GREAT trick and sounds beautiful...

think of that 1-200 squids ya just saved.. and got the same performance increase.. ie.. a bloody good buzz !!

worth at least 4-8 in the mind.. seriously.... but its nice...

  CTR EK9 turbo

Oh my god! what a noise! just taken the monster out for a blast a la dual pipe de-contamination and "damn", she sounds purrrrrfect! So theres 2 volume settings (something you cant get with the induction kit!), both sound good. Setting 1: for the mild modifier (+20bhp) and Setting 2: for the nutter in yer face almost sounds like a VTEC and *everyone* looks round, its about a third louder than just one pipe disconnected! I was trying to find loads of walls to hear the beauty grrrrrroooowwwl. BenR - so it works with Mk.2s too!? everyone need not buy an induction kit. I always do it to courtesy cars (1.2 le grande boats so that im not totally bored whilst driving those hair dryers, although the noise doesnt really go with the speed!) Proven - It does add more BHP to your car than before: you floor it much more than often!
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah! its a lot louder with both disconnected, but still sounds good with just the one disconnected. The lower (wheel arch feed) pipe was a bit harder, but if you loosen the leather strap (sounds raunchy!) around the air box you can maneouver the whole air box and give it a proper twist, its a bugger to undo, but it does if you try - took me about 30 seconds! It sounds much louder with both disconnected!

The top/front air feed is attached to the airbox with a compression clip, just squeeze the top and bottom on the plastic bit and it comes out, there isnt much room to move so its a right pain, but doable.

The difference in noise is spectacular, however, i felt it adversly affected lowspeed performance (no air movement within engine bay), but at a trackday, it might be ok.

I have heard of people drilling the bottom of airboxes to achieve an induction roar, that way, you keep your airfeeds, minimal warm are can get into the bottom of the airbox, but you still get a nice noise.

  172 Cup

Tried it earlier. To be honest I wasnt expecting much difference but sure enough it sound great!!!
  320d M Sport

Im gonna do it tomm then, if I somehow (Cue Technical Phrase-a la Slarty) BALLS this up, I take it I just clip it back on?

Nnnyyyyarrrrgh!!! How do you do this?!?! Is it the pipe to the right of the air box as you look at it on the MK2? It wont budge. Keep scaping me hands!


Its a pain in arse to get out, basically the plastic bit clips inside the airbox on 2 little blobs of plastic...if you tilt the hose up, so the bottom one is out and then squash the top bit you can pull it out.

It is tricky cos there isnt enough room for the pipe to move so it takes some force, easier way to see whats happening is to take the top of the airbox, only 6 torx bolts and the jubilee clip, then you can see inside.

Like with everything to do with the mk2 (certainly) engine bay....fek all room to move, for no good reason other than making modding difficult


I have tried this and it sounds cool. Also, I used to have a squeak coming from the front of the car which i couldnt get rid of, or even locate. After re-connecting the pipe the squeak has gone. I have since disconnected the pipe and the squeak came back. So if anyone has a squeak then it may be that the pipe is loose?
  BMW 320d Sport

hehe as Craggy said on a thread about my Clio, you get a good sound with what most people would think is an induction kit. But I run a closed airbox and it still sounds mental when its really flying.

Drive your car harder and youll get more noise!
  CTR EK9 turbo

It sounds best with both pipes disconnected, especially when you stuff it into 2nd gear and floor it. When i change upto 2nd gear now, the revs are at 6000 (higher than before the group n ecu) and it sounds amazing! like a bark! "BAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR" (sound)

Cheers! That is the cheapest mod I could have possibly done and it sounds ace Its definitely added somewhere in the region of 35bhp.

Simon - what is the 2nd pipe you are talking about?

  CTR EK9 turbo

Ive got a mk.1, so our airboxes are different. I have two pipes (cold air feeds), one takes air from the grill under the head light, and the other - i guess - takes air from the wheel arch. Im thinking of just disconnecting the wheel arch one and leaving the front grill ram air feed connected. But it definately sounds better with both disconnected!

i get that squeeky noise, when parking after a really really hard drive. when the exhaust is barkling and i slip the clutch whist parking, i her a eeee eeerr eee eeeerrr noise.

Ive sold 2 cars on this noise alone, they come up and ask what i have done, then i say its standard and when i take them for a test dive......sealed with a kiss!!!

Commision is low though, and i get it on finance and insurace!!! so, i sell hard! what a good deal in HK, call me!

I reckon there might be 2 pipes on a MK2. There is another pipe which pops out from underneath the air box. Might investigate and remove that too......MORE NOISE, IGOR...

  CTR EK9 turbo

Awwwww its not fair! youre all having fun with your 172s and im stuck driving around in a BOAT courtesy car whilst my gear box is being replaced. (oops!)

apologies for being dumb, but can you explain again how to get the top pipe off. I twisted it, but it wont move around that much, and it would def not pull off, so how do I do it!!!! Wanna have cool noise too .....but dont wanna bugger me 172..

Grab both ends on the pipe, tilt the airbox back a bit with your left hand, then pull apart and twist with both hands. It does takes a bit of force, and a ravaged my thumb last time i did it.

p.s. Does anyone know if this does any harm to the car?
  CTR EK9 turbo

My gears have been crunching for ages. Apparently there was loads of oil leak underneath etc from where it was knackered. I prime warranty job, no questions asked. Regarding harming the car without the cold air feed: if you think about it, all you are doing is not having as much cold air as should be fed to the air box at higher speeds. It kinda makes the renault air box into what people buy (induction kit), but not completely, as the whole element is not visible, just a 2 inch diameter hole where the air would normally have come from, but through a tube. (if you can understand my strange explanation) So no, it wont harm the car - as long as its filtering the air it doesnt matter. Youll just be getting less cold air into the airbox, thats all.