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FCS 2009 - Whos going ?



i shall be attending this year hopefully with a nurbergring sticker clagged to the back woooo
  White Sti Hatch
on the FCS site but select Cliosport from the Clubs drop down menu along with a stand/club pass
  Track valver + Ibiza FR
Ill be definately coming to this! How do you get onto the stand? Or do you need to be 'in' with the admin?
Just buy your tickets from the website above and select cliosport as the club and you'll get a stand pass to get on the cliosport stand. Easy :approve:
  Track valver + Ibiza FR
I'll be there this year for sure but not sure if to buy track time in the 1.2 as a last treat because I'm selling up in summer I think. Never been on track before. What you think?
  clio 172
Just booked my tickets, with full track time. Put Notive on the booking, so people will be nice on track.... or run into me!
  ITB BG 182
Well i dont work weekends no more so i will definatly be going this year, an i will arrive on time at the meet place for people.
  120d M Sport

Just realised.. if ive got the right place on google map then its not that far!
Yeah mate I would do if you fancy it, I;ll have to head by Cov anyway

Though me in my 1.216v convoying you in the 182 wouldnt really be a convoy as such! lol

Still ok to come down and PC mine before the show though:)?
  200 Gordini
I guess a few others from west mids would join us too, sort it nearer the time though.

Did you book track time for the 1.2? Im tempted to get mine on for the first time.

Im ready to give your a going over when you are!
  Coilovered Clio Dynamique
I kind of want to book track time for my 1.2 now, just for the laugh. If anyone is going to be in a convoy from North Wales/Holyhead direction I would like to tag along when I come off the ferry, I don't want to get lost! Lol
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
hell ill come just for the banter at least, i dont own a french car so im aftraid someone is going to have to take me lol
Details arrived this morning regarding club track time so expect a new thread in the next few days :)
  Coilovered Clio Dynamique
Is anyone else going to stay in the travel lodge/premier binn in Kettering? They seem to be the only decent priced places near by!
  Bus w**ker
Now I've got my 172 I'm going in that and probably do some track time too. Staying in the Holiday Inn at Corby on the A43, closest one so I can stay in bed longer lol, booked it ages back when the dates were released.