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FCS Tracktime - Joining Instructions

French Car Show 2008 Track Time
Joining Instructions

On arrival please locate a member of Admin in the Cliosport Marquee.

They will have all the Proof of Booking/Declaration forms that you will need complete prior to making your way to Garage 36 where you will be asked to sign on at the FCS/Bookatrack office.

This all needs to be done at least ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR SESSION !!


Full UK Driving Licence (bring both parts just in case)
Disclaimer Form (Cliosport Admin have these for you to complete)
Attend Briefing and collect wristband
Collect Dashpass for car (access to track)


Crash helmets must be worn at all times (Helmet hire is available from Book a Track)
Up to 1 passenger can be signed on at the same time (£5)
Additional drivers can be signed on at the same time (£10)

Please remember to stick to the 5mph speed limit at all times.

Any questions, please let me know by PM or Email



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I have no idea I'm afraid.
Anybody remember how much it was last year?
Will be similar for sure.
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So we just walk up to you in the tent, and say "hi, i'm mrmahoosive, i'd like my track time please?"

Surely anyone can do that, and my £70 is wasted!!??
The day I loose trust of our members is the day I quit.

I know who you are.

Who says I won't ask for proof?
Make sure you have a driving licence with you Mr Gregory ;)
Up to 1 passenger can be signed on at the same time (£5)
Additional drivers can be signed on at the same time (£10)

passengers £5 cheaper than last year as we didnt know the company was charging as much.

PS a drivers/passenger wristband is good for all day as a second driver/passnger in another vehicle if that makes sense.
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my bf batman has track time he has also just sent his license on tuesday to the dvla for an address change! we dont know when he will receive it back hopefully next week sometime, does he need his license? he has his passport,certificate of motor insdurance etc just no license

do we definately need the paper counterpart? i have my photo licence but not sure where the paper counterpart is....
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probably would have been better waiting to send to DVLA

I am going to have to speak to bookatrack and see what their position is on this

well yes it would have been easier, just been alot on this week as his sorting relocating to my house, 2 new insurance policies, selling a car,buying a new car, 2 jobs to do etc etc his just thought he was sorting something out

his got a test drive on sunday and is hoping they dont ask for his license again just didnt realise!
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he does has the confirmation letter - email - from dvla saying his license is being resent for an address change could he print this out?

it says he should recieve it within 15 workings days and he sent it on tuesday - fingers crossed!
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shame you guys didnt send them out, as received my track time info from SSC about a week ago.

saves the hassle of trying to find people.

no matter! should be a good couple of sessions anyways!