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FFFFF evil b*****d

  mk2 172

yesterday just near my house they had all the main road shut for somereason, didnt go out the house cos i heard someone had been shot, there were tonnes of police about.

my dad has just came round, a lad i know who i used to play for same rugby club and a mate turns out to be the victim:(((((((. altho he wasnt shot. he has recently been giving the management job at a pub. he kicked a trouble maker out tand the f**kin b*****d came back and attacked him with a PICK AXE the scummy fukkin bag of sh*t whoever it was. hes in sheffield intensive care not expected to survive.

whats this world comin too

Sad is worrying with this increasing violence..last week a woman and man was shot in there car, the woman died and the man is critical. There have been a number of shootings at a pub i usually go to in the last month, one man got shot in the face. It appears a lot of stuff is drug related where i am (South East london) but its certainly shook up everyone. Yet house prices are still stupid..wish i could afford to move out!

Yeah its f*ckin sick !

A mate of mine (big lad - 6 footer and built like abrick sh*thouse) was mugged by 5 14year old lads in Manchester.

If you say well why didnt he do anything,...... one of em had a gun !

This country is going to sh*t !

thats horrible.

Theres no accounting for scum bags, youve just gotta keep out of their way and dont let them have any impact on your life. Theyre just not worth it.

Craggy where abouts do you live?

Also my gf is a nurse at the Northern General, may ask her t find out how the guy is, who did he play rugby for...

The wrold is going bonkers...........Someone spat at my car last night whilst I was in garage........nothing to serious but what a toss*r!

Hope he gets better soon!

Bring back hanging that will sort a few people out, there is NO FEAR for the law or the justice system, thats why people get away with it so much. A freiend of a friend used to be a bouncer at one the clubs in Watford, he is a big bloke, 65inches and built to match, this is going back, he also threw someone out of the club, the bloke came back and shot him, luckily he survived not too serious, but now he wont get involved in anything no matter how minor, he counts his luck and stays out of everything.
  mk2 172

abbs, i live in doncaster, bentley to be precise, not sure which part of sheff hospital hes in. used to/still does play for toll bar rugby league

Its ok mate just hope he gets better soon,and the mindless fool that did it gets what he deserves....

Ah well Rugby League, wrong code I play union for Selby....Never mind that though lets hope your mate gets better any news on the williams and its pending sale?

Holy Moly!

hope he gets better soon.

UK is too full of scallys, scum...... peasants who really to be tought a lesson by the law.
  mk2 172

cheers guys, more news is hes got a blood clot on the brain and other injuries, turns out the attackers were kicked out then came back later in there dads car, opened the boot outside the pub and pulled out the weopon. even more shocking new is i know the lad who did it:( used to live near him. hes younger than me. always used to talk to him. the evil little fukkin prick

abbs, i used to play for south yorks rugby union, open side flanker, played for a lot of teams actually
  mk2 172

cool mate!, i sued to play open side flanker for all the union teams, but played number 8 in league teams and swith to the back of the scrum in skool union games to take the ball instead of scrum half on the oppositions line and score lol!

Sad news...

On the Rugby front I to am a wing, played for a few clubs round Reading and played for the National University in Australia when I was at uni there a couple of seasons ago, that was an experience. Smashed my ankle hugely in a tackle (dislocation, broken bones around it and massively pulled ligaments etc) so cant run to fast these days so have to content myself with watching :((( Did get a ticket for England Scotland at the weekend though!



If I was incharge in this country I would treat every crime as incredibly seriouse. So if somone steals a magazine the police should investigate it fully then send in the SAS to that persons home. Maximum force for such a minor crime. They wouldnt dare do anything more seriouse, they would be to scared of what would happen.

Also I am fed up of those flabby assed people who say capital punishment doesnt work. Of course it doesnt work, but it works better than doing nothing. Like seems to happen now.

Hope he gets better.


  VW Potato

Paul, Im with you but....if youre gonna get a serious whipping for nicking a mag, you may as well rob the whole shop. Then kill the owner, to prevent him from identifying you.

Appropriate punishment is whats needed. Im also royally sick of ah, but little jonny never had any lolipops when he was younger, so can we let him off nicking your car.


Its a sad state of affairs :(

In New York they had HUGE trouble a few years back, then they started the zero tolirance policy, guess what worked. You need to inforce the law at all levels!

I hope the bloke pulls through, how can someone do that to another person? They need putting down!