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fibre glass - guvvy anybody

  Stanced Honda S2000

hi all,

got a centurion screen, wud fit almost exactly into my centre console on my new shape clio but at the mo its sat on my dash, anybody wanna do a guvvy job ? fibre glass maybe rnd the edges or something similar ? odviously will pay.

pm me !
  Stanced Honda S2000

dont care if i have to travel a long way as long as i kinda get it done and soon cuz my screen now looks like evrybody elses and they are all in novas and sheds.

sorry mate, ive done a few kickpods and 2 boot build with it, but im in durham now and il be down in brighton in 2 weeks, not totally sure of my plans - but how far is that away from you?

If you were to give the all the dimensions of it, i could build it for you off my car? (if i get time, il have to work it out)

so do you want it effectivly over the supposed front cup holder area?
  Stanced Honda S2000

no over the heater duckts, or a pod on the top. durham is not all that far, well, quite but it may be worth it, brighton is where my dad lives but a good 5 hour drive !!

as i say dont mind travelling.

basically i wanna remove my hazard light section, to be relocated, cut out the heater section and it shud fit right under the clock etc, its a perfect fit. just needs to be held there . and may have really small gaps round the edge which cud be glassed.

i could put u up for the weekend if u fancy a night out in hull. got me own house u see.


ok, well i have a look at mine, and see if i wrekon i can do it.

where do you want the heater unit ect relocated to?

ps - im going to brighton on sat for 5 weeks, then il back in durham till summer

Ill be doing the same thing on mine once my screen and stuff comes. Dad owns a fibreglass company so I got the advantage of knowing how to do it, plus having him to help me :D
  Stanced Honda S2000

not bothered about the centre heater unit. not bothered if it doesnt work, ive had it disconnected for over a year and havnt noticed ! just need the fibre glassing doing really, to hold the screen in if ya get me.

i wouldnt want to remove any of the buttons or heater, i want mine like the sat nav dash that come standard.

anybody know any1 who could build me a pod to sit where the clock is like this for example-

so i could just keep the existing dash wouldnt have to buy an expensive sat nav dash. could just chop off the bit where the clock is and fit a fibreglass pod.

can any1 help?

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