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First Drive: Astra GSi

Blimey! Having never driven a turbod motor before it was quite a shock, these things have amazing grunt when you boot it.

Dont really know how well the handling holds up but it felt pretty secure as all i got to really do was blat down a 3lane A-road, but it was fantastic for nipping between lanes and pissing people off.

Interior is the standard Astra affair (read: "a bit dull") the half leather recaros are comfy and the steering wheel is nice and chunky too. Switchable traction control could be fun - but didnt want to risk it as its not my car!

All in all a nice car - if I see one on the road I wont mess with it and expect to win!

Enterprise rent a car.
Most of the cars on the fleet are griffins, some nissans (the new almera is the worst car in the world bar none), mercs and fords.
All brand new and ripe for a spanking!:D

No, I now work for them as a driver.

I was working as a graphic/multimedia designer, but I was commuting from Epsom to Maidstone every day (40 miles each way) The job was fun, but the boss was a bit of a t**ser and the money was sh*t. So much so that I had to miss out on going treveling with my friends. A mate got me a saturday job so I decided to go full time for a little while in order to save up and go on holiday.

Its pretty easy work but long days (8 till 6), but Im just thinking about the pay cheque at the end of the month - 55hrs a week should equate to some decent dollar, add the fact that my travelling costs are zero and it makes for a good saving opportunity.

Plus, when its sunny as it has been, its lovely to be outside cruising around!:)

Just wander in and I ask - i think most braches need drivers!:)

Where in the UK are you? Around here theres quite a few - Hounslow, New Malden, Epsom, Guildford, Gatwick, Heathrow, Crawley...