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First Drive: Fast as phuq Vectra (!)

Brand new Vectra - a car I despised until very recently indeed, even starting like the looks of them (well, the sporty ones anyway!)

Full leather interior, Air-con, heated seats all the gubbins and hooge 3.2 litre V6 under the bonnet. I tell ya, despite the size of the car it dont half shift! The on I drove was automatic but I reckon that 0 - 60 would be an easy 7/8 seconds and the speedo indicates upto 170mph. I would say that 150 would would be a very real and easy possibility!

And what a noise! They sound fantastic when you wind them up, makes the 2.2 and 2.6 feel very slow indeed...:)
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the new gsi has the 3.2 under the bonnet - i think its based on the 3.2 from the Omega.

I like em.. I prefer the Mk1 (Looks proper nice to me!), Mk2 is ok.. not so sure about Mk3!

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Quote: Originally posted by Mike Wright on 18 March 2003

My friend has a older Vectra V6 and it flies but looks like a tank!

Vauxhall may make some boring cars, but they do come up with the best ideas.... ;)

I was on some of my local fave roads last month, a GSI overtook a car and i followed suit (and a modified CRX did the same behind me), it really took off, didnt see which way it went, normally i catch up with any car i have raced on one chicane but he pulled away so much he was just gone.


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ye, i would have to say vauxhall has earned a reputation of making cars that dont handle.. and for most of what they bring out that is true, except for certain cars like the vx220

although in retrospect wasnt the suspension on the vx220 done by lotus ?