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First Drive: ST170

Im back! :D

Was really looking forward to driving this, but was sadly disappointed :( the seats were uncomfortable, interior was nout to write home about, handling was OK, but nothing really ahead of the 1.6 ghia that I was in the other week.

Above all, it felt quite slow. I would happily take one of these on in my valver and easily keep with, if not beat its blue ovald ass!

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my best m ate has just got a st170 only about 10 days ago! I was not impressed. Interior was sh*t and the performance just wasnt there! I knwo you have to run it in but still!

Wasnt a major thrashing, but still comfortably beat one pulling off a slip road on to a motorway.

Most people that a driven them seem to think they are far too slow. They are slower than a valver anyway.
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You really need to plum for all the "options" to make them worthwhile.

The only problem is, theyre nearly £19,500 fully loaded - Focus RS anyone? ;)

i had a play with one in my 16v down some lanes and it would not leave me, both of us 3 up had it down a dual carriage way,

it was close they were one car length in front but i got scared (wuss) other wise i would have kept on.

they were very cocky about it since it was almost new and they couldnt shake me off

Well if you were 3 up in a Valver and keeping with it then the ST must have been slow - extra weight is the biggest performance killer with a torque until 4500rpm and all that!

Quote: Originally posted by CarlosTheJackel on 25 March 2003

Most people that a driven them seem to think they are far too slow. They are slower than a valver anyway.
They must be, coz I had a Race up the Hill on the A2 towards Bluewater in my 205 1.6 GTi and we were evenly matched!

I didnt even realise it was an ST170 until my passenger pointed it out, otherwise I wouldnt have bothered!!! :oops:

Still it was a laugh! ;)


Had it with one the other day, I thought it was a fake it was cack I was all over it!!!!

From what ive heard the handle well but our underpowered, but you cant really have it rivalling the RS, especially since theyre both FWD.


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Superb handling, well built, looks nice, but not as quick as they could be...

Thought about one myself, as they are pretty cheap on an import, but decided against it.