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first impressions of F4R (As fitted to 172)

ok, I am not overly familiar with Reanult engines, most of my builds and developments have been - Rover (Buick) V8 - A Series BL, and Ford Kent engine.. odd A and LTC too.. and vauxhall 8valve inc the old 2.3.

What can I say.. ??

Quality.. superb.!
Engineering.. Superb !

Hollow cams for lighter valve train weight, miniature hydraulic followers and a roller rocker system. the rockers are about 1.5 inches long only, they have a full roller bearing onto the cam profiles.

Cams running direct in head and very lightweight cam pullies. (Alloy again)

Block, looks incredibly strong - direct in block bores - no liners - HUGE main and big end bearings.

Quality H Section neat conrod with large gudgeon pin diameter.

Oil pump drive from chain off front of crank. Adjustable pressure oil pump with high capacity..

Allow cross braced sump to form lower block and crank area stiffener.

All in all.. bloody impressed !.

that thing should handle STUPID power

the only slight concern I have is for the quality of reno balancing.. I sont like the extra weights welded to the back of the flywheel ..

I think after a good dynamic balance it should be capable of 8k easily.

Just need some cams to sort that.
Looking into shifting the vvt and cam timing at the mo.. doubtful if it can produce good results, but

Great potential in a great package..

Strong as sheeet too ...


Meant to add.. I think the flywheel could lose quite a bit of weight !!!

the idle will suffer, but I bet you can make a real difference in pick up.


Cap, dont know if this has been answered b4 but, are you developing this kit in a view to selling it commercially?

no, not at the mo.

I have more concern for designing an add on ecu adapter that will blow the dastek away and offer potential for later Vehicle management equipped cars.

But, I am in talks with 2 companies that contacted me re them having the rights to produce the kit that I am designing, and, management system - commercially.. so possibly it will be available later.

Oh capt...the kent!!!
i got the kent x-flow in my fiesta!!!

i would really like your views and experience on what this engine responds to. I think its got eh valencia head on it, with GT valves.

ive beent alking to Mike Billet ( know him?) and weve been discussin port shapes and where to grind etc etc.

Any ideas?


Simon, its more the way it works, the dastek modifies signals INTO the ecu.

my unit will modify outputs OUT OF the ecu.

Full matrix rpm/load map for additional fuel.. (or leaning if necessary at certain points.)..

full r****d ignition map for on boost too.

Hi Simon,

at the moment the issue is to design it for my turbo conversion (And the 3 other guys here that have bought kits)

after that, I will seek to have it produced (if it works ok )

would hope for same price as dastek, but more controllable, and with a boost module built in, For the Nos guys, it will include a full nos progressive controller too.. all programmable from the laptop on the RR - or in car as it is driven.


design targets at the mo...

(May alter)

Full control of ignition r****d from either boost or rpm/load map.

full Nos progressive built in !!!

Map sensor interface for non turbo cars to use boost aware map sensor.

Inout from Lama sensor to existing ecu VIA this unit.

control of existing injectors or 2 banks of injectors (which might be an option on the turbo unit)
First thing I need to make is a data aquisition module for the laptop..

drive the car around with hook ups to..
injector pulsewidth and timing.

rpm sensor
coolant sensor
air temp sensor
map sensor
lama sensor
ignition andvance and dwell angle

etc etc

from this, one should be able to construct a parameter map for any given engine prior to changes being made.

from this, it is possible to create a theoreticall fueling map for boost that will at least allow the car to run safely to the rollers.

Thats the target..

I got some severe soldering and programming to do now lol...


Ben, you are probably mor eup to date on the good old kent engine than me now. Last time I playing in anger with one was in 1981 !!!!

we sued to use Mahle pistons, overbore to 1700 cc, big valve heads with A6 cam for the racers and A4 (BCF1) I beleive for the rally engines.

with a steel crank its good for 8k.

but, a lot of development will have happened in the last 21 years..


ok, never mind, i have been reading 3 books on it and talking to every firm under the sun...i think ill go with Vulcan engineering.

some guy was claiming 190bhp from a 1700!!!!!!