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First into Macro Photography

I got my Raynox DCR-250 today, so thought I'd give it a test during lunch. I have to honestly say this is the best purchase I've made so far, it negates the need for a £300 macro lens and the quality is superb.

Here's two photos:

This is of a keychain on my keys, fantastic detail.


Keyring, First Macro session by matthew-evans, on Flickr

This image is actually the Canon writing on my Lens cap, from staring at the cap it looks to be completely smooth, this really does show every single detail:


Lens Cap Text Detail. by matthew-evans, on Flickr

Most of you will appreciate the zoom on the Lens cap (58mm) as it's so small anyway!

Let me know what you think, I'm going to try and find good things to give a go, and kinda limited to indoors until the rain stops :(

I'm thinking about giving bubbles a go, they would look awesome.
  White APE
Never heard of these before. Images looking pretty decent. Got any more info on this?
  RB 182
I've heard a few people mention the Raynox "thing" (sorry, no idea what/how it works lol) and it seems they're well worth the money! Nice shots :)
  172 and vw passat
Would also like to know abit about this. I take it , it just screws in like a filter?
This was using a 550D and a 55-250mm lens at 250mm :)

The Chromatic Aberrations will be down to me not correctly in focus, that was as good as I could get it due to a limited period of time :)

To fully use/appreciate the Raynox you need rails on your tripod to get that correct focus easily.

And to the above, yep it just attaches to the front of your lens, it supports 52mm up to 67mm I believe, or something like that!

Well worth it for £45, but really tempted to get some rails now - will try and get some insect pictures later today, though it's pissing down at the moment so it may be hard :(
Yea to move the camera minimally on the tripod, they are 4-way directional which makes it easier to get exactly into focus with a macro lens as being 1-2mm too close means you are OOF completely!
You should be able to remove that CA easily in post. Its a great adaptor. I wouldn't say it negates the need for a macro lens as the second shot shows the rather large differential in sharpness across the frame but for the money it will get you great macro images in most situations. I think you can add these onto a dedicated macro lens for 'super' macro!

Goes off to check prices.....;)
Hah yep indeed, I played around with my 18-55mm and it's much better for quick handhelds, with the 55-250mm it's certainly a handful but will just take practice like anything else ;)

Raynox actually do "super-macro" attachments, this is just one of many they produce!
  Megane RS 275 Trophy
I have a Raynox 250, if you keep looking in the for sale it should be up in a couple of days when I get the box out of the attic (Mint condition used about twice)

Nice detail in the images by the way.
  White APE
This appeared on my doorstep today.



Quick question. Am I meant to be getting a vignette appear on all the shots? I'm using it on max zoom as suggested.
  White APE
Here a quick few pics from tonight. They are all hand held so focus is way off but it gives you the idea of the vignette i mentioned. It seems to only be apparant with this lens as i tried it with a 55-200 and a nifty fifty and they were fine as far as the vignette goes.







And a goofy one of the missus. This is what happens when you have the lens on the widest angle!
  AB182, Audi A5 3.0
Just thought id post a few pics taken with my homemade £5 'reverse lens' for comparisons in case anyone was interested...