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First time on the strip! 1/8 mile

Got a best time of 9.882 with a 60-foot of 2.345. My car is standard except BMC panel filter. Anyone have an idea what time i would have in 1/4 mile? Was faster then a 200hp Audi A4 ,Skoda Octavia RS and a 190hp Honda Civic. Great fun!!

Craggy. The Punto and Uno Turbo are quite common on the strip here in Sweden. Was beaten by one today. ~180hp and 800kg
  BMW 320d Sport

Well according to my records, one of my old times is quite near to that, 60ft in 2.38 sec, 1/8 in 9.88 @73mph. This runs on to a 1/4 mile in 15.26 @ 91mph.