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Fitted 63mm freeflow exhaust...

  Clio RS 172 Mk1
Two days ago a fitted a custom 63mm stainless steel freeflow exhaust and got the cat removed, straight pipe with 2 boxes.

I haven't had the car on the dyno yet, but it's very difficult for me to tell if there is any increase in performance, the car actually feels a bit slower...:(

The noise on the other hand is crazy, it's got this loud drone when just cruizing at normal speeds? Is 63mm the right size for my car? Is that equivalent to what seems to be the 2.5" standard on this forum?

Any recommendations as to how I can get get rid of that annoying loud drone, I can hardly hear myself think!? :dapprove:


ClioSport Club Member
doubt you will ever get rid of the drone. a few people on here used to have Supersprint systems (63.5mm) and they got rid because the noise was hard to live with daily.

i went for a stealth system and janspeed decat. doesn't drone but you get a nice rasp top end.
  clio 200 F4Rt
what system is it? sounds like a crap design.

our BTB system is 63mm bore, and isnt too loud! as it was designed to be track day friendly!
  throttle bodied mk2 172
i ve just fitted 63 mm magnex.thats need remap and quality backbox.custom backboxes loose backpressure
  Clio RS 172 Mk1
i know from a performance point of view it wont help, but putting the cat back on would help with getting rid of the loud drone the new system is making? or maybe even a 3rd box in the middle, where the cat use to be? what you guys think?