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Fitting a Sony disc changer!

  Clio 182 cup'd

Can anyone help, Ive got a Sony "Active black" CD head unit and ive just come to fit a Sony 6 Disc changer.

When I plug the changer in, the "AUX" option disappears, Ive just read the intstructions and it makes no sence to me at all, it says

"If you connect an optional Sony CD/MD unit, you cannot connect any portable devices and "aux" will not appear in the display as a sorce"

Well how the heck do you plug a changer in then?!

Can anyone help me please!! !!

once youve plugged it in, aux will change to disc1, disc2 etc! so when you change source, there will be radio, cd, and the changer! no aux

i presume your HU can take a changer? on mines theres just an extra option on the source! it replaces aux!