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Foamy wheel cleaner has knackered my alloys.

Foamy wheel cleaner, you know the stuff, spray it on, it all foams up (like oven cleaner) and you rinse it off.

Anyway I did exactly what it said on the tin, wheels were cold, didn't leave it on more than 30secs and didn't scrub (it said you could but I played it safe) and sprayed it off with cold water and................f**k me, where's all the lacquer gone? Some of my wheels are now blue(!) some are grey with brake dust runs all caked in from the spray and other bits are ok! All in all a bloody mess.

What do you do? The gear was cheap, from a department store who won't want anything to do with it and the spray comes from overseas.

I can drive myself mad and go through the courts for months on end to get 200quid for refurb alloys or burn down the shop (I'm a little volatile right now) or take a breath and tell myself to buy good stuff in future.
  106 GTi
Not good, tried any polish to see if it brings back any shine?

I HATE acid based wheel cleaners.


AG engine and machine cleaner did the same thing to one of mine. [i grabbed the wrong bottle out of the shed!]

anyway, some SRP brought them back to life.
  Ex 182. Now Octy vRS
Same happened to me when I had Dare v2s, not good at all, Prob gonna be a re furb job im afraid!
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
just get autoglym metal polish in a little silver tube from halfords. done wonders for me untill i get them much easier to clean now that i use that.