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Focal Polyglass - what to do???

  172 Ph1
Ok as you can guess by the title, i need a lil bit of help...

A while ago i brought some focal polyglass 165 v2 comps, which were too big for my door cards, so i brought some focal polyglass 165 v slim comps which fitted perfectly with their slim magnet. Since then my brand new v2s have been sitting on top of my wardrobe gathering dust waiting to be fitted to my new car... but guess what... they are not going to fit again!!! as the door cards are 13cm and i don't really want to be cutting away at the cards and can't find a place in london that will make door cards for me (any recommendations?).

So the question is do i put my v slims into this car or are there better 13cm comps i could buy to put in? don't mind paying up to £300... Does the magnet size make a big difference to the sound of the speaker? V Slims are 16cm would they give me better sound than a set of 13cms?

Anyone interested in buying my v2s? Very reluctant sale! lol

Sorry for the long thread...

Thanks for any help

  Renaultsport Clio 172
I too ran into this problem. I couldnt get the slim v2s in at all. So I bought a pair of Genesis Audiophole 13 2 ways. They are £230 from These are superb even though they are currently running from an Alpine DVA-9861Ri. I have 3 Genesis SA30s to go in over the next 2 weeks, 2 bridged for the mids and the other for the tweeters. There'll also be a Nakamichi PA301 monoblock for the Focal 5" subs. The magnets on these subs are slightly smaller in diameter than the hole they are mounted in!! I have a similar pair of Denon 6 inch subs that also have a magnet slightly smaller than the mounting hole. They both sound amazing for the size as a result.