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Freak hail storm ruins my 172

  RenaultSport 172
Gutted... It's put dents/ dimples all over the roof and bonnet.


Ruined, thought I would share.
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aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
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Jesus Christ mate that's bad, they were the size of 50 pence pieces in Coventry,
but it only lasted a couple of minutes and my car got away with it as far as I can tell.
  Mondeo TDCI 130
Andy's exclusive got done years ago! Had new bonnet and roof skin, nearly a full respray also! Gutted!
has happened to my friend in texas a few times , the bodyshops seem to get them out fairly simply though , but he now dives for bridge cover when he sees the ominous black clouds .
  2010 Clio RS200
My new RS200 is exactly the same (Leicester) looks like someone has gone mad with a hammer on the boot, bonnet and roof! Spoke to the insurance company & am covered, getting it sorted as soon as poss
  172 Sport
A friend of mines fathers E30 M3 Ravaglia edition was RUINED because of this storm.

It's pretty much halved the value of the car even with the repair work done. A 14,000KM totally original car with full main dealer history and one owner from new. Smashed the roof, smashed the rear screen and windscreen and the interior is full of water :(

He won't send me a picture of the E30 because he doesn't want it going on the internet, but this is my friends E36 -



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  LY R27
Gutted for you, we've had the same thing

Every metal panel on the car is dented, the bonnet and roof are fooked!! I'm sad :(


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  MX5 ND2 & VRs 230
Good work if you're in the dent removal business!

but yeah gutted for you guys.

One another note, someone mentioned a carbon roofskin? How much would that cost - or just black vinyl?
  An orange one
I can't believe this kinda thing is happening over here these days! I've seen it loads on storm programs in the USA and while tornado chasing...but that is crazy s**t to be in the UK!

Feel so sorry for all those that have had their pride and joys damaged! :(
  Ph1 Vee #457 & 850-R
Hi. Sad news. My Volvo 850R has 24 new dents after todays storm!!! I'm just so glad I have the V6 here with me in Norfolk!
  RenaultSport 172
Iv never seen anything like it in my 28 years. Hail stones we huge! That BM looks ruined. At lot of people at work had screens mashed in. Not gonna touch the insurance. Gonna front up the dollar. Anyone know a good dent puller? Sorry too for all the others who've had there pride and joy ruined by the storm. I'm gutted personally! Cheers all!
  Nissan 350z
Yeah we dodged this nicely in Notts, wierd how it was so localised to Leicestershire! The tabloids are having a field day though :)
Very unlucky guys :(

Not too far from away, so glad the hail didn't make it here! Just had torrential rain.
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
I'm in Coalville this week (kill me!) and we had the horrendous rain but luckily the hailstones missed us. Anyone know what the roads are like around Leicester now?
  2010 Clio RS200
Its fair to say it was horrifying to watch, i was in blockbusters and all i could do is stand and watch the golf ball size hailstones hitting the car & thinking, this looks bad and is gonna cost & to top it off, couldnt check for damage until it was dry, but damn, there are appx 30 dents all over the roof, bonnet and surprisingly only 1 on the boot.

Its going in for the estimate tomorrow, i'm one of the lucky ones, my no claims is protected