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Front Bumper Cleaning Tips

  Ph2 172
Cleaning a clio is not too difficult a job, but if theres one part I find a right pain, its the front bumper and grill.

I find my wash mitt will not get in all the gaps and feels like i'm going to rip it apart, also a micro fibre cloth over the finger is still no good, and doesn't reach the corners.

Just wondering what tools people use, or what techniques they can recommend to make the job easier?



ClioSport Club Member

Make up swabs are ideal for intricate areas like around badges and awkward corners.

Selection of brushes are always handy.


ClioSport Club Member
They are tiny little swabs.

Size ref -


Or treat yourself to some AF Hog Hair brushes

  Ph2 172
Make up swabs would be great, like you said around the badges e.t.c.

But for cleaning of the grill, the three black brushes (well just the smallest one really) in your top picture look ideal.

Any idea where to get them from?


ClioSport Club Member
They are Wheel Woolies... Ordered mine from Ultimate Finish iirc.

Large on wheel arches, medium for between the spokes and small for intricate bits.

Well worth the money at about £35ish.