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fujifilm finepix J10

  Fiesta ST2
I just got this out of argos at 66.66 im quite happy! its a pritty nifty got 8.2 megapixel and 4x optial zoom (I think!) anyway I was playing with the settings and noticed something called fireworks so I was like hmm okay! and it turns out it can do stuff like this. please go easy these are my first pictures!



thats the only pics ive taken so far folks! if anyone wants a cheap goodish camera get that one. It comes with a battery charger and a few other goodies so non of this buying batterys every day shiz!


  Focus TDCi
Lol at not posting this in the photography section. ;)

The Firework setting is basically slowing down the shutter speed from a fraction of a second to somewhere between 2-5 seconds. By doing this you get more details from the fireworks, however it means your photos are more susceptible to motion blur from hand movement, which is why your photos above aren't too sharp.

Keep having a play though, it's good fun! As a tip, if you're going to try and get the light trails on the Fireworks setting I would either use a tripod or rest it on a rail or ledge.

There's more to it than that and maybe you don't want to get into it all, but it sounds like a good price anywho.. the real test for me will be how the daytime photos come out. Glad you're happy though, looks like a neat piece of kit. :)