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GBK Performance


Trader Rating - 100%
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  Clio 172 (Silver)
Bough an ariel from them and took 6 weeks to arrive, and then only after paypal revoked the payment

Then by mistake bought some silver tech bulbs and they sent the wrong pin offset and only 1 pack when I ordered 2.

Waste of oxygen as a company. :quiet: Save yourselves
Trader Rating - 100%
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  Monaco Blue 172 (56/468)
Wish id looked here before I ordered. Bought some silvertec bulbs which after taking several weeks to arrive were the wrong pin.
Trader Rating - 0%
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Yep they fucked me over, took 2 weeks to send my item then gave me bad feedback because they said I was impatient! b******s
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  Focus ST3 + proper Mini
I also had the pleasure of dealing with these pricks. Told on 4 different occassions that the items had been posted. ( 4 different excuses)

Never left me feedback.
Trader Rating - 100%
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i ordered a horn from waxacar - never recieved it weeks after mot - they mailed after negative comment - saying it had been - it hadnt i recieved it about 2 months after - w*nkers