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Gearbox day 3

Nice surprise this morning, a call to tell me my gearbox was ready. yippppeeeee!

They wasnt spose to look at it untill monday next week.

keeps me ahead of schedule nicely.

Its the one on the right, just incase theres any confusion

Also got an original airbox, so i can do away with that K&N milarkey.

Ordered my cam belt, auxillary belt and clutch release bearing this morning, so when they arrive (tommorow hopefully) i can start putting it back together

Spoke to a guy about my wheels, he can take them on monday for three days to refurb them and powder coat them.

  Williams 2, STi N12

You know you want to fit an LSD before it goes back, with a spanking cerametallic clutch jobby!

anders.. yep !!

weight m8 !!

can you post an image(s) of the final drive assembly with the case removed on the old box ??.

I would like to see how much room there is for an lsd in there..

green microdot lsd.. not black,, always better lol !!..

seriously, I would love to get a few images of it..

  Williams 2, STi N12

I preferred the black ones to be honest..the ones which had two squished together to form a heart shape! Mental!

Go on, get some pics. Would like to see the speedo sensor thing as well...pleeeaaassssseeee

ak_uk ANTEC SX1030B with custom Vantec window kit with 4x 8cm YSTECH high flow fans - i would leave it at that before i get carried away with whats inside it

Anders and the captn See what i can do for you tommorow, depending on time.

Paul 16v Its the same size but the casing is slightly different. But thats all. The one on the left had a wee accident

Have been running round like a headless chicken this afternoon to, managed to get a clutch release bearing, timming belt and auxillary belt (thou not sure if this is the right one) so it will be GAME ON in the morning.

Managed to give the engine and bay a thorough cleaning to.

I think its going to look quite nice in there when im done