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just wondered if any1 can help me out, i have a 95 clio 16v and last week i ran in the bak of another car but sort of hit the bak passenger side of his and hit the kerb quite hard wiv my passenger side wheel. the bloke that sprayed my car reckons the driveshaft has hit the gearbox and basically nackered the gearbox. cos now wen i drive it tip bangs and pops out of gear. but after i had the accident it was fine and i drove it about 5 miles to the garage and it drove fine.

any1 who can help i wud appreciate it. and any1 wiv prices for gearboxes, and fitting prices wud also be appreciated.

i may also get the clutch done at the same time.

Sounds like a shot box, mine did that kept banging and jumping out of gear then it just gave up completely and stranded me.

You can get a reconditioned Wiliams box from Renault for £550. Dont know about fitting costs though Im affriad.