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Gold Class 182..... Phwoah!

  "Navy" N17 TWO

Nice car - defo a good sun colour:cool:

Just about to go do mine with gold class too ;)- then polish/wax/CS tax disc

very niiiice. but im sure the pics dont do it justice....

EGPd my car last weekend- and it was spotless... alas couldnt be arsed taking pics....
  Ford Fiesta

done mine today too, took 7 hours. Used zymol then auto glym sealer. Have to say used loads of different products now and at the end of the day it looks as good as any others I have tried. Also have gold class. I think any modern wax will make it shine brilliantly.

Glad I got artic blue too!
  BMW 5 Series

Omar, very impressive but try this :-

1) Very fine coat of Autoglm Super Resin, polish off, this only takes 15mins.

2) Gold Class as normal.

Without doubt the best finish and more durable. The results on black gold are fantastic:D.

  Clio 197

Thanks guys...

mmcg: I have some SuperResinPolish left over. It does give a nice shine doesnt it!

I dont really want to cut into the paint, so this cars only ever been/being waxed. Well see how long I can go before a polish is needed.

Do you have any pics of your car? Shame about my mileage, black might have been an option otherwise.
  Tappd'd RS

Thats lovely mate - looks really good. You must have spent some amount of time on that.
  Ford Fiesta

did mine two days ago couple of pics here.

1)Wash and dry using auto glym bodywork conditioner shampoo and natuaral chomois.

2)Then move onto wheels using a brush from asda, very soft and a rag, also climb under car and clean inside wheels and exhaust etc.

3) Rain x all glass, gets it spangly. Then Zymol cleaner wax all paint, then put auto glym extra gloss on and leave for an hour whilst Im waxing wheels with turtle wax brake dust barrier.

4)Do under bonnet including wax tyre gel then at last thing is to remove the extra gloss. Looks good I think.

I have some gold class too but havnt used it in a while.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

It makes me laugh seeing all these threads about Polish and how clean cars are - THEYRE ALL NEARLY NEW CARS lol

Id be impressed if a 1994 Williams was cleaned up like this, and i think that would also show how good these products are.

I dont really expect your nice new Cups and 182s to look any different to new to be honest, i certainly keep my cars that way anyway ;-) These nice waxes/polishes etc only really work on cars around 4+ years old - thats at least when youll see the benfits of them surely, not when its at most 2 years old?

This was my old 1997 Golf VR6, Meguires 3 Stage cleaning/polishing/waxing system:

nice and clean omar.

did mine yesterday and the arctic blue looks so good when its clean doesnt it.

have you thought of getting silvervisions?
  Clio 197

ballsie: Thx mate. One hour to wash & dry, one to apply, and half to buff... Not too long eh?:confused:

Liam: Loveley work!... your wheels put mine to shame (mine arent quite that clean).

Rcp: Cheers mate... Arctic is lovely, and has a nice 3d effect going on. Ill keep my indicators as standard for now me thinks (money to spend on new wheels!)

Homer: Thx! Lol, how much then... ;)

nickg: Very nice finish to your car. I dont agree about the new cars looking better. A new car can look very very sad if it isnt treated well, especially for a high mileage driver like myself.